Being vegan around non vegans always sparks conversation! Here are some of the questions I get asked the most- including my own personal answers!

Question- WHY? Why are you VEGAN!?
Answer- WHY NOT?

First of all, I have a hand full of reasons as to why this is my chosen lifestyle.

Number one being...I truly have a love and passion for food. REAL food. Real food to me is not processed, dyed, chemically treated, genetically modified…or tortured. When I eat real food, I feel close to God. I am honoring my body by giving it realness and wholeness. For example- I am amazed by the sweetness of an apple, the power of a banana, and EVERYTHING about broccoli (it’s my fave). Eating “untouched” plant based foods that have been created DIRECTLY by my Creator keeps me close to who I really am spiritually.

Eating processed foods that have been MAN MADE? No, thank you. My body was not designed for that!
Second of all, TASTE! I tell people this all the time…I AM NOT CRAZY…VEGAN FOOD TASTES BETTER THAN ANYTHING!

(Don’t worry, I will post recipes and restaurant suggestions so that you feel where I’m comin’ from!)


PART TWO…I do not trust the food industry. There are foods and drugs in America that are banned in most parts of the world. The industry has lied to us and lied to us again. They have kept things hidden and when they actually are discovered, it’s because a consumer decided to step up and do something about it. They are controlling millions of us. It’s time to wake up (AND READ THE INGREDIENTS).
So being vegan to me keeps me away from dealing with the big food companies and brands (who are poisoning us)…I trust a head of fresh kale over a can of kale any day.

PART THREE… It makes me HAPPY.

To go to bed at night knowing these things-
1. I ate healthy today.
2. No animal was harmed in the making of anything I consumed today!
3. No animal had to be harmed in all of the deliciousness I had I consumed today. (wow!)
4. I treated my body with respect and love.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ema Jones says:

    Talking about vegans and non vegans always sparks conversation. I agree 😛

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  2. Danielle Janssen says:

    Man, some of the things meat eaters ask and say are so irritating. Like, where do you get your protein? But we’re carnivores, we’re meant to eat meat, I’d go vegan but I love meat to much, what do you eat? Tofu?. No joke my psychiatrist actually asked me if I only ate tofu. Like are you stupid. There are more vegan foods in the world than meat and dairy products. Anyway sorry for raving on your post. I did enjoy reading it though, so keep posting 🙂 x

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