new year, new me.

yeah yeah yeah…I know everyone hates that saying. But you know what? right now, that’s just exactly how I’m feeling.

I’m going to share with you one of the health goals I’ve made for myself in 2015:

Drink MORE water.

YES… water is the only thing I drink (besides smoothies & fresh juices) BUT I have always struggled with getting my “8 cups a day” in. Why? Because the only time I feel thirsty is after I’ve just stuffed my mouth with a yummy meal and need something to wash it down with. And to be completely honest, the act of drinking something never gave me the same sensation that eating did. BUT FINALLY…I have realized I can’t let my MIND trick me into thinking I’m not thirsty when in reality I am actually dehydrated. (That is probably why I always crave salty foods!) For this new year, I have decided to make a change, to do better.

So, since the 1st of January, I have practically been forcing water down my throat throughout the day when I normally wouldn’t!!!

And here, 15 days into the new year, I have experienced so many amazing results from upping my water intake!

I have had NO random pimples like I normally would. I have a lot more energy. I don’t feel absolutely exhausted after a long day. The food I eat simply tastes better to me. My curly hair is more curly and shiny. The dry patches on my skin have cleared up! And most importantly, I feel MORE ALIVE.

All this time I thought I was cool because I was a strictly water girl. Turns out, I wasn’t so cool since I wasn’t drinking it enough.

And once again…God shows me how amazingly beautiful He is. To create such a thing as water.  To purify us. To strengthen us. And to make us feel whole.


it’s a New year! New Me! All because of my New Mindset!


What were some of your health goals for 2015?


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