a divine hostess indeed


   As most of you know, I am an always-on-the-go actress. After 10 days straight of waking up early to be on set, going back and fourth to auditions and taking care of errands in between, there has not been much time for a delicious home cooked meal! Yesterday after I finished filming a commercial, I made my way over to my friend FiFi’s. She is a vegetarian, a chef and an amazing & creative woman!  I was so excited that we both could find time to relax together! We chatted over sparkling Kombuchas by Kevita. I had never tried that brand before and it was exciting to taste new flavors. The flavors we had were Lemon Ginger, Apple Kale, Ginger, and Grapefruit. Along with a Master Brew Kombucha. I think my favorite was the grapefruit! The Master Brew was so bomb because it was very strong just the way I like it! For dinner, FiFi made a raw vegan salad. I am so happy she did because I struggle with eating raw foods for dinner time. Maybe because I don’t know enough recipes or would normally just be stuck as what to make to fill me up in the evening.The salad included: KELP NOODLES, KALE, TOFU, BELL PEPPER, RED ONION, CUCUMBER, CILANTRO, SOY GINGER DRESSING (homemade)

Honestly one of the best salads I’ve ever tasted!!! The kelp noodles were a nice treat because I’ve only had them two other times (at one of my fave restaurants, Cafe Gratitude) I love the taste of them and the texture…and the fact that THEY ARE RAW AND SOOO NUTRITIOUS! I plan on buying a bag of kelp noodles this weekend for sure. For dessert, we had Amy’s Kitchen Apple Toaster Pops. Although these treats are super simple, I was just beaming with joy exclaiming “Oh my goodness, I never get to eat stuff like this!” They brought me back to my childhood so automatically they were delicious the moment they hit my tongue! It’s funny. Anytime I eat something that rarely gets Veganized in our culture, I don’t know how to act!!! I miss a lot of foods but would only eat them again if they were animal product free. All in all, my girl FiFi lives up to her handle as the Divine Hostess!

Check her sites out:


YouTube: The Divine Hostess

Instagram: @DivineHostess

Can’t wait to cook with her! You will definitely be seeing her more on my blog from time to time. So take this as an introduction. Thank you FiFi for blessing me with such an awesome meal!


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