Soul Searching in Oakland 

…and by that I mean, I found vegan soul food. In Oakland, California. And I think I left my heart on the table.
Souley Vegan is one of the few vegan places I heard about existing during my first trip to the Bay Area. Unfortunately, they are closed on Mondays so I wasn’t able to make it in that time around. This past weekend, I drove back up to visit the golden gate city and wasted no time stopping in to check out what all the hype is about. When greeted, I was handed a menu and was overwhelmed. It was full of things I grew up eating, watching my grandmother cook, and her mother cook, too. It was nostalgic. So without further a due…


Pictured: Fried Okra, Potato Salad, Cornbread, Green Salad, Black Yyed Peas, Yams, Collard Greens, Southern Fried Tofu. They even give you fresh fruit to put into your water!

All delicious!


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