Vegan Grilled Cheese on a Waffle Iron

Sure, you could go the classic way and make your grilled cheese in a frying pan.

But how fun is this?! Put that bad boy in a waffle maker. It just makes eating a vegan version of an American classic so much more enjoyable (and convenient)!gc2

Never have I ever owned a waffle iron in my life. With all of the pancakes made in my kitchen, it was bound for a waffle craving to come up!

I asked for a waffle iron for Christmas after seeing a vegan pizza being made in one. I thought, “How cool is that?!… Oh, the possible things I could create in a waffle maker…” I got that Christmas gift early! Hm…Maybe I should speak of Christmas gifts throughout the whole year?

Ladies, if your man surprises you with a kitchen appliance you mentioned…two words: keep him.


So, here I am. I got out my waffle iron, pulled out some bread and grabbed a couple vegan cheeses and went to work.

Not only is this so simple and easy to make, you can multi task a little while it’s cooking. That’s my favorite part.

Now I admit, I may have not used the best bread for this but man was I tired of my usual sourdough. So I got something different for once! Although my gc turned out yummy, I’m sure it would’ve been even better on a thicker, heartier, bigger piece of bread.

When I go back to the sourdough, I’ll try it out!


This is a simple, basic vegan grilled cheese recipe but feel free to spruce it up and make it your own. Add some dijon mustard, tomato or avocado!

I love that I can just stick it in and go. It’s also super fun for kids to eat!

Trust me, you will want to make grilled cheeses the rest of the week.


  1. 2 slices bread
  2. 2 vegan cheese slices
  3. Vegan butter

* I used seeded multigrain bread but I’m sure it would work better with plain bread!

*I used Chao Tomato Cayenne and Follow Your Heart Provolone as my cheeses.

*I used Earth Balance vegan butter.


  1. Preheat waffle iron on medium-high heat.
  2. Spread butter on both sides of bread.
  3. Place bread on waffle iron- butter side down.
  4. Place 2 cheese slices on top.
  5. Place other slice of bread on top of cheese with butter side facing up.
  6. Gently press down on waffle iron onto sandwich. Don’t smash.
  7. Let cook about 7 minutes, checking on it periodically, or until desired yumminess.
  8. ENjoi!

*Disclaimer: I did try this on sourdough and it was MUCH better!!!



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