why I’m not a vegetarian.

Hey guys! This is a topic that always comes up in my everyday life. It is truly something that irks me! Here is what it looks like:

When someone calls me a vegetarian.

“Oh, so you are a vegetarian I see.”

Nah, bruh. I’m not.

Or “Oh… I used to be vegetarian.”

Okay…cool…I can’t relate.

Or “You’re a vegetarian?”

No, no and no.

People constantly make this assumption. I guess it bothers me because to me, vegetarian and vegan are on two different sides of the spectrum.

Me being me, I am always so quick to correct someone and will gladly say “No. I’m vegan.” But here’s why.


To the person who says “Oh, I used to be vegetarian for a few months once!”

I’m sorry…but I can’t relate.  I know you said that because you thought we had something in common. But we don’t. Let me explain.

Dear vegetarian,

I think it’s pretty cool that you chose not to eat animal meat. Whether it be for a week, a year or if you’re still doing it. But I can’t relate to you. It’s not that hard being a vegetarian in a meat eater world. You actually have it pretty easy.

See- You can go to a family gathering and indulge on more than half of the food there.

Me on the other hand, I am praising God if I find even one thing on the table that I can eat. And most of the time, I’m asking a trillion questions in my head.

“Did they cook this in butter? Does it have egg? Do they know what vegan is? Are they lying to me? But they probably put cream. It’s too white to be vegan. Is this cheese or is it garlic on here? Oh my gosh…”

You can go to a restaurant and there will be no problem finding something on that menu. You don’t have to do tons of research beforehand and end up being the crazy friend at the dinner table asking a kazillion questions!

I, on the other hand, can only go out to eat at a certified vegan restaurant. If not, I am faced with eating fries as an entree. Or the signature: be told by the lovely waiter, “um..well..We have SALADS!”

Yeah, you have salads. Salads with cheese, eggs, croutons and creamy dressing.  Thanks but no thanks. I’m not spending $12 on a bowl of iceberg lettuce and shredded carrots.

You on the other hand can choose from soups, to pizzas, to pastas and more! You can practically order anything and ask for it without the meat.

Me? Most of that is out of the question.

And the truth is: You are supporting animal cruelty. Maybe you went vegetarian for the animals. But unfortunately, you are still contributing to their pain and the problem. You are paying for millions of cows to get raped, abused and over worked. All so that you can enjoy all of the cheese you could never give up, because it’s ‘cheese’. And the ice cream, cakes, yogurts, etc. You are also taking eggs from chickens while supporting the slaughtering of baby male chicks who get killed immediately or turned into objects at mass production places to produce chicken meat. All while the female chicks who’s only life’s purpose then becomes getting raised up to produce eggs for you.

All of which is not humane. And in no way can I relate.

Also, in my opinion, the vegetarian diet is less commonly a healthy one.Although I have known a couple vegetarians who eat “healthy”, most  just stock up on lots of cheese, bad starches and other dairy products as their meals. As well as plenty of junk food. Or fake foods.

What I’m saying is that we can’t relate because you don’t know the daily struggle of being a vegan in this world. It is different. Sure, ‘they’ may get on you because you stopped eating meat. But until you’ve walked a day (or 365) in a vegan’s shoes you won’t understand how hard this world is on people just trying to eat straight up plants.

So, dear vegetarian, or someone who assumes I am a vegetarian,

I understand that that’s the term we are used to calling someone with no meat on their plate. And I know you feel like we share a common interest. But as you can see by my few examples, a life of a vegetarian and a vegan are not one in the same. Unfortunately, you have it easy in this world. I hope one day I will, too!

All in all, the vegetarian lifestyle still includes the exploitation of animals. And that’s why I will always be sure to correct someone who calls me something that I’m not. With pride.


A proud vegan who is serious about her ****.

*Eat how you want to eat. This is me sharing why it upsets me when people call me something I’m not. I will always spread light on my cruelty free lifestyle. Always with a smile and no shame! Xoxoxo


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