Being vegan in Thailand

SO. I'm not gonna lie...when the opportunity to travel to Thailand came up, I did not hesitate. Not because I wanted to see the temples or found an interest in buddhism. Not because of the cheap fares and such. But because of..yeah you guessed it...the FOOD. Thai food has always been my FAVORITE! Beginning in … Continue reading Being vegan in Thailand


My first cleanse/ parasite cleanse

That moment whenย you realize you're so vegan you feel bad killing your own parasites... Because, they're living beings, too! But then you have to SNAP!ย out of it. They're living off of YOU. And it's affecting YOU, Joi. Knock off the compassion. Just this once. Okay. You're right. Time to defend myself. Hey!ย So if you couldn't … Continue reading My first cleanse/ parasite cleanse