My first cleanse/ parasite cleanse

That moment when you realize you’re so vegan you feel bad killing your own parasites…
Because, they’re living beings, too!
But then you have to SNAP! out of it.
They’re living off of YOU. And it’s affecting YOU, Joi.
Knock off the compassion. Just this once.
Okay. You’re right. Time to defend myself.

Hey! So if you couldn’t already tell ^^…I decided to do a cleanse. Which is really weird and uncomfortable for me because I’ve never been interested to be honest. I don’t believe in “diets” and depriving myself of foods I love! But I decided to do it because I felt it was needed. It was actually my last resort. After dealing with a sudden problem with my digestive system, then ignoring the problem, I had to try something. I’ve never had gut issues in my whole life and this sudden change was nothing short of confusing.

So long story short… (we’re about to get real personal here 🙂 )

The last week of my trip to Asia, I got something that a lot of traveler’s get. Aka I was on the toilet for several days. I took some pills for it and thought I was okay after that. The sickness “stopped” and I felt normal again.

Right when I got back to the States, I developed what felt (and sounded like) whooping cough and became extremely sick with a cold. No remedies worked until I decided to make some fresh thyme and ginger tea. That knocked it right out. (That’s my secret to any cold by the way. You’re welcome.) About a month after that, I noticed digestive issues. I didn’t pay them any mind and just ignored what would later become a problem. After time, I realized that this is no longer normal and I needed to do something about it. I became so uncomfortable in my own body. It was hard to ignore. That’s when I started looking into probiotics and making my own sauerkraut! The sauerkraut definitely helped but not as much as I needed it to. I also filled up on kombucha, and although I got minor relief, it was still not enough. I made sure to drink lots of room temperature water and other little things but with no help.

Then, I suddenly began experiencing other side effects in my body out of nowhere.

I started feeling depressed, EXTREMELY anxious all of the time, moody, so tired even when I got a full night’s rest, a cloudy brain and just sadness. I also hadn’t been seeing results of all my hardcore workouts.

Okay. Now this really isn’t normal. SO– I threw in the towel and went to the doctor’s to get checked out. And what did they say? The same thing they always say. Everything is normal.

No it’s not, lady! So here is when I had to take matters back into my own hands. I stayed up researching my symptoms. I came across PARASITES. I didn’t even think about parasites in the first place but it all made sense! Okay…now how to get these babies out?

*If you don’t know, parasites are organisms whose sole purpose is to live off of other organisms. Everyone has parasites since they’re everywhere – but too many can effect our daily lives. They eat up all of our food, leaving us with lack of nutrition, they effect our brains, and their waste is harmful to our bodies.*

And there I was. In the vitamin section of Whole Foods. The employee helped me find a herbal parasite cleanse! I picked up some raw veggies while I was there and went home to begin.

The cleanse was for 15 days. Along with the herbal supplement, I combined it with a diet of lots of raw greens, raw garlic, ginger, and other deliciously healthy things that parasites can’t stand!

Yup. Parasites feed off of some of my favorite foods! French fries, gluten, vegan cupcakes…

I am the queen of fries (and carbs!) Do you know how hard it was not to eat those?! I constantly kept reminding  myself that the cleanse is temporary and necessary for me to start feeling 100% again! Wooo-saaaaahhh.

While on the cleanse, here are some things I experienced:

Pimples in places ~ Within the first few days of the cleanse, I had small zits in places they’ve never been. The inside of my nose as well as on my chest.
They hurt!!! I just figured that these are two parts of my body that needed a detox in themselves? Maybe this is where the parasites are?

Very low energy ~ I barely had enough in me to hold up decent conversations or truly laugh unless something was absolutely funny. Straight face, Resting face, whatever you wanna call it…that was me.

headACHES ~ In every sense of the word. Wooo. Most days, it felt like a rock was sitting in my brain, weighing me down. Which led to a lot of sleep.

Tiredness ~ I mean I would sleep the whole day and STILL be tired. I was just unmotivated to do anything and something always led me back to the bed.

Loss of appetite ~ So not only am I unable to eat all the foods I love but I couldn’t even enjoy the raw foods I did buy. I just really wasn’t hungry. It was a lot of “Ok..let me make this smoothie because I have to eat something” or okay “I made this big salad but I can’t eat the whole thing so what’s the point?”
Food is a huge part of my life so to be disinterested in it suddenly, was hard.

The question you’re most curious about is:
Did I see anything?

Well, I didn’t. This was kinda discouraging at times. Like okay, am I doing all of this for nothing? Why aren’t they coming out?! But I learned that just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Parasites are so tiny that sometimes they are undetectable just by sight.

What now?
Well, this cleanse made me more aware. The girl who was “anti-cleanse” is now a believer in it. Although I am not completely “fixed”, I do believe the cleanse helped. It gave my body a break from processing (delicious) sugary, glutenous, starchy foods. It reminded me of the importance of consuming raw greens and water. Now- I definitely have more energy, and am less tired. My anxiety has decreased and I go full out when it comes to my workouts now. I know for sure that I got rid of some things inside of me! This cleanse even inspired me to begin juicing. My super awesome partner-in-life blessed me with a juicer and it has really helped when it comes to my energy and getting in good nutrition during the day. I’m still trying to get my body back on track and am interested in doing a different type of cleanse very soon!

Although our bodies are constantly “detoxing” themselves when we eat a plant based diet, I’ve learned the importance of incorporating deep, targeted cleanses as well. Especially after travelling!

Update: 3 weeks after originally writing this post-

My digestive system has gotten right back on track and is completely normal!  And practically all of my other symptoms of the parasites are gone. I believe incorporating juicing into my life has helped make all the difference. I also feel that incorporating both gluten as well as gluten free options has helped a ton. Now that I’m off of the cleanse, I am aware of giving my body a break and switching it up. My diet consists of both gluten and gluten free marked foods. Instead of just a bunch of HarshOnMyTummy foods all at once – all the time! I feel great! And normal again!

*I did this cleanse while on “winter break”. This was the perfect time for me because auditions were done for the year and there wasn’t a lot going on. Meaning I got to rest and truly take care of myself. If you are unable to do a cleanse like this while on a “break”, I do recommend starting during a weekend to let your body run it’s course before you have to go back to busy life!

Listen to your body, guys!

Love and light,



Have you ever done a cleanse? Do you want to? Questions? Comment below!


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