Question- WHAT DOES VEGAN MEAN? Answer- I DO NOT CONSUME ANYTHING THAT COMES FROM AN ANIMAL. One day, I woke up and I realized...WOW, an animal doesn't have to die OR suffer for me to LIVE! (AND EAT AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS NUTRITIOUS FOOD) *DROOLS* I live a beautiful, energetic life. And many meat eaters do too! But it brings … Continue reading What?



QUESTION- Was it hard to transition? ANSWER- No..I've kind of always been "this" way. It is truly difficult for me to answer this question because I have NEVER liked any of the following- Cow's milk. Never ever ever ever. It would make me GAG as a kid if I ever tried to drink it. When I would … Continue reading When?


Being vegan around non vegans always sparks conversation! Here are some of the questions I get asked the most- including my own personal answers! Question- WHY? Why are you VEGAN!? Answer- WHY NOT? PART ONE… First of all, I have a hand full of reasons as to why this is my chosen lifestyle. Number one … Continue reading Why?