Vegan Dog + Giveaway

Hey guys! So my little munchkin and I have been trying out V-dog, a vegan dog food, for the last week and he loves it! I have only had him for a couple months and wanted to take baby steps when it came to his diet. I have heard of dogs being vegan before but … Continue reading Vegan Dog + Giveaway


new year, new me.

yeah yeah yeah...I know everyone hates that saying. But you know what? right now, that's just exactly how I'm feeling. I'm going to share with you one of the health goals I've made for myself in 2015: Drink MORE water. YES... water is the only thing I drink (besides smoothies & fresh juices) BUT I have always struggled … Continue reading new year, new me.

Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger, No...I don't just eat salads. No...tofu is not the only way I can get my protein. No...I'm not "doing this" to be skinny. Yes actually, I eat a whole lot and am constantly stuffing my face with food. So no, I'm not starving myself.  No, cheese doesn't have to be from a dairy source … Continue reading Dear Stranger